Melanchole (Reissue)

Melanchole is a collection of ambitious lo-fi pop songs recorded by Daniel Johann in the winter of 2012 in Wellington, New Zealand, when Johann was only 15-years-old. The songs deal with the awkwardness of growing up, the pains of being apart, and the anxieties of being alive and real. Originally self-released on Bandcamp, the album became a viral internet sensation, garnering over 100 million streams on Spotify and a large TikTok following. In 2016, Melanchole was remastered and released on vinyl with a new tracklisting; the first pressing sold out within the first 24 hours it was released. This third pressing will be released on Double Mint Green Vinyl with a brand new album cover, packaged with an OBI strip and a 12x12 insert.

Johann continues to remain somewhat of an enigma, rarely performing live or giving interviews. After almost a decade since his debut, Johann is currently in the midst of recording a follow-up album. 


  1. i don't know anyone, i am
  2. stones pull out heart
  3. i don't want to ask your father or anything
  4. melancholy / diary pt. 1
  5. i was all over her
  6. like you know i get old
  7. post-traumatic all-night-long
  8. voice vi
  9. reprise
  10. (dream)
  11. needs no progress, i will lie
  12. girl
  13. te ahora