Heaven's Just a Cloud

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When his primary music project, LVL UP, stopped working together in 2018, prolific multi-instrumentalist and illustrator Nick Corbo began working on a new body of music and visual art as Spirit Was. On his debut studio album Heaven’s Just a Cloud, haunting, beautiful scenes of the natural world feel just as represented in the warm, classic, wooden floors of country rock as they do in the dark, droning, shadows of doom and black metal.

With new creative liberties, Corbo is allowed an opportunity to keep exploring the heavy, distorted instrumentation and experimental techniques that have shaped his music to date. His ability to focus on small details and weave them into vast networks has been evident in all of the music and visual art in his catalogue. In its density, Heaven’s Just a Cloud is threaded with memorable lyrics and recapitulating musical themes that guide the listener.

Spirit Was feels at home among the technical, melodic songwriting of Harry Nilsson’s studio recordings, or the dusty, psychedelic oblivion of Earth and Wolves in the Throne Room. A departure from his previously collaborative recordings, the album features Corbo on drums, bass, guitar, and keyboards, weaving sweet, intentional melodies and vocal harmonies over a slamming, distorted rhythm section.

For fans of LVL UP, Crying, Paear, Sheer Mag, Krill.


1. I Saw The Wheel
2. Oblivion Banter
3. Stranger to the One
4. Proven Water
5. Here Comes My Man
6. Olive Branch
7. Heaven's Just a Cloud
8. Golden Soul
9. Spirit Was
10. Come Back Up to the House
11. Caught in a Dream