Glamorous Damage (Reissue)

Vinyl LP (Gold)

GUM a.k.a Jay Watson is a multi-instrumentalist, founding member of POND and touring member of Tame Impala. Gum's 2015 album Glamorous Damage has been newly remastered by tour mate Kevin Parker. 'Glamorous Damage', is a warped comb running thru the shiny blonde hair of pop and disco. Produced and mixed by GUM and mostly recorded at home, the album is at times reminiscent of the elastic robo-glam of Prince, the sci-fi waves of Chrome, early Eno experimentalism and a love of Beach Boys melody. In 2015 'Glamorous Damage' was critically acclaimed by the likes of Pitchfork, NME and Stereogum and featured on the longlist of the 2015 Australian Music Prize.


  1. G.U.M
  2. Anaesthetized Lesson
  3. Glamorous Damage
  4. Notorious Gold
  5. Elafonissi Blue
  6. Television Sick.
  7. New Eyes
  8. R.Y.K
  9. Science Fiction
  10. Ancients
  11. Greens and Blues
  12. She Never Made It To Tell
  13. Carnarvon