Love The Stranger


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Friendship’s Merge debut, Love The Stranger, moves like a country record skipping in just the right spot, leaving its fellow travellers longing for a place they’ve only visited in their dreams. Guitarist Peter Gill, drummer Michael Cormier-O’Leary, bassist Jon Samuels, and hawkeyed balladeer Dan Wriggins map out the group’s particular, breathtaking landscape and invite the listener to share in its glory.  Like its sprawling lyrical references, Love The Stranger’s production is both familiar and capacious enough for pedal steel, synth strings, airy folk guitar field recordings, and MIDI pad exploration to work in vital harmony.

Influenced by Friendship’s punk and indie peers as much as road-star forebears like Lucinda Williams and Lambchop, Wriggins says of the recording sessions: “We all got to stretch out, chase our personal musical fixations, and build on each others’ work. Bradford Krieger, our engineer at Big Nice Studio, has a mind-blowing creative energy and hundreds (thousands?) of instruments.” He recalls further: “I wanted the album to sound like Emmylou Harris and the Hot Band in the ’70s. Pete wanted it to sound like a semi full of spent fuel rods, barreling towards a runaway truck ramp. Jon kept reminding us that the studio is an instrument, and Michael wanted it to sound like the breakdown two-and-a-half minutes into Shuggie Otis’ ‘Strawberry Letter 23'.”


  1. St. Bonaventure
  2. What's The Move
  3. Blue Canoe
  4. Hank
  5. Chomp Chomp
  6. Love's
  7. No Way
  8. Alive Twice
  9. Quickchek
  10. Ramekin
  11. Mr. Chill
  12. UDF
  13. Ryde
  14. Season
  15. Kum & Go
  16. Ugly Little Victory
  17. Smooth Pursuit

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