The Giant's Lawn (Vinyl LP, Green)

Vinyl LP (Green)



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Canterbury's best kept secret musical weapon, Melted Ice Cream favourites Wurld Series are back with The Giant's Lawn. While previous records faithfully ploughed the bountiful fields of U.S. indie guitar greatness, this new offering finds songwriter Luke Towart and his merry men retaining their ears for a hearty riff, while veering off into less charted territory, into what the album's biographer Matt Hellriegel aptly refers to as "earthen psychedelia, off-grid community folk, and highly bookish, antipodean snock". Take thee a deep dive into this new take on ye olde world, and revel in the impossibly memorable melodies while you're there. - Flying Out

Wurld Series are back with a new LP of curly rock miniatures and overgrown roadside curios. The Giant’s Lawn stretches the band’s reach, embracing new forms and figures, living corridors and side-quests. Where past worx borrowed from the literate heart of American indie, here, Luke Towart & Co. investigate earthen psychedelia, off-grid community folk, and highly bookish, antipodean snock.

There’s always been a fantastical bent to Wurld Series’ unspooling jaunts - 2021’s What’s Growing threw a little Canterbury scene in with the Christchurch sound - but The Giant’s Lawn goes deeper down the rabbit warren; a boy named frog dreams of escape, established trees are recognised for their contributions to humanity… “Rearing Wesley” marries schoolboy imagery with golden flushes of Richard Thompson inspired fretwork. “A Private Life” plays like a field recording of the morning after the carnival - cats yeowl, empty tents billow, gaudy excess sours in the clear light.


  1. The Giant’s Lawn Part I
  2. Queen’s Poisoner
  3. Rearing Wesley
  4. Friend to Man and Traffic
  5. Receiver
  6. Lord of Shelves
  7. World of Perverts
  8. The Pugilist
  9. The Giant’s Lawn Part Ii
  10. A Private Life
  11. Alive With Flies
  12. Illustrious Plates
  13. Resplendent Fortress
  14. Not the Muscle of the Heart
  15. A Fanciful Assault Vehicle
  16. Soft Ranks
  17. The Cloven Stone