American Folk Legend

Vinyl 2LP

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Woodrow Wilson Guthrie was an American singer-songwriter and one of the most significant figures in American folk music. His work focused on themes of American socialism and anti-fascism. His music includes songs such as This Land Is Your Land, written in response to the American exceptionalist song God Bless America, and has inspired several generations both politically and musically.
Guthrie wrote hundreds of country, folk, and children's songs, along with ballads and improvised works. Dust Bowl Ballads, Guthrie's album of songs about the Dust Bowl period, was included on Mojo magazine's list of 100 Records That Changed The World, and many of his recorded songs are archived in the Library of Congress. Songwriters who have acknowledged Guthrie as a major influence on their work include Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, Johnny Cash, Bruce Springsteen, Robert Hunter, Harry Chapin, John Mellencamp, Pete Seeger, Andy Irvine, Joe Strummer, Billy Bragg, Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Jeff Tweedy, Tom Paxton, Brian Fallon, and Sixto Rodríguez . He frequently performed with the message "This machine kills fascists" displayed on his guitar.


  1. Pastures Of Plenty
  2. So Long, It's Been Good To Know You
  3. Hard, Ain't It Hard
  4. Car Song
  5.  Ramblin' Round
  6. Ship In The Sky
  7. Sinking Of The Reuben James
  8. Do-Re-Mi
  9. Jesus Christ
  10. When The Curfew Blows (Curfew Blow)
  11. 1913 Massacre
  12. Talking Fishing Blues
  13.  Pretty Boy Floyd
  14. The Grand Coulee Dam
  15. When That Great Ship Went Down (The Great Ship)
  16.  Billy The Kid
  17.  Buffalo Gals
  18.  Dead Or Alive (Poor Lazarus)
  19.  New York Town
  20.  Hard Travelin'
  21. This Land Is Your Land
  22. Buffalo Skinners
  23.  Muleskinner Blues
  24. Wreck Of The Old 97
  25.  Sally Goodin'
  26.  I Ain't Got No Home
  27.  Whoopie Ti Yi Yo, Get Along Little Dogies
  28.  Jesse James
  29.  Going Down The Road Feeling Bad
  30.  New Found Land
  31. Talking Columbia
  32.  Talking Sailor
  33. Go Tell Aunt Rhody
  34. Chisholm Trail
  35.  Ranger's Command
  36.  Stackolee
  37.  Better World A-Comin'

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