Widowspeak is an American band comprised of Molly Hamilton and Robert Earl Thomas, known for its dreamy, western-tinged take on rock and roll.  Their self-titled debut was praised for its reverential spaciousness, Hamilton's haunting voice, and Thomas's sinister Morricone-esque guitar lines.  On their second album, Almanac, the duo explores denser arrangements and new sonic territory, from Saharan rhythms to Appalachian-inspired melodies, all delivered with stoic, wistful restraint.


  1. Perennials
  2. Dyed in the Wool
  3. The Dark Age
  4. Thick as Thieves
  5. Almanac
  6. Ballad of the Golden Hour
  7. Devil Knows
  8. Sore Eyes
  9. Locusts Minnewaska
  10. Spirit Is Willing
  11. Storm King