Scott 4

Vinyl LP

This release from 1969 stands as Scott Walker's most accomplished album. His first collection of entirely original numbers - marking a notable departure from the earlier precedent of having three Jacques Brel tunes per studio outing. The predominant mood of Scott 4 is set by lush and layered, though relatively subtle, string arrangements that perfectly complement his deep, expressive voice. while Walker would issue other important and intriguing recordings in the decades that followed, this album marks the end of his highly influential late-'60s heyday.


A1 The Seventh Seal
A2 On Your Own Again
A3 The World's Strongest Man
A4 Angels Of Ashes
A5 Boy Child
B1 Hero Of The War
B2 The Old Man's Back Again (Dedicated To The Neo-Stalinist Regime)
B3 Duchess
B4 Get Behind Me
B5 Rhymes Of Goodbye