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CT10: Volume 1


CT10: Volume 1

Captured Tracks

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To celebrate 10 years of Captured Tracks, we’ve created two budget priced vinyl samplers that showcase now-classics from a roster of vibrant and varied artists. Plus, we’ve thrown an exclusive or two in to sweeten the deal. Ya’ll remember that supergroup called Shitfather? Destined to rank at #1 on all retail charts? We hope so.


  1. Minks - Kusmi
  2. Craft Spells - Ramona
  3. COSMETICS - Sleepwalking
  4. DIIV - Big Joke
  5. Widowspeak - In the Pines
  6. Mac DeMarco - Still Beating (Live)*
  7. Juan Wauters - Woke Up Feeling... 
  8. Chris Cohen - Caller No. 99 
  9. Beach Fossils - Distance 
  10. Wild Nothing - Paradise (Feat. Michelle Williams)*
  11. Blouse - They Always Fly Away
  12. The Soft Moon - Origin* 
  13. The Jameses - Caribou
  14. Shitfather - Only a Shadow (Cleaners From Venus Cover, Live at CT5)*

* Exclusive Tracks 
* * Shitfather is Mac DeMarco, Matt Kallman (Real Estate), Dustin Payseur (Beach Fossils), Zachary Cole Smith (DIIV) and Jack Tatum (Wild Nothing


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