A World on Fire (Vinyl LP, Colour)

Vinyl LP (Red & Black Marble Vinyl)



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As a member of all three bands in the unholy trinity of The Gordons, Skeptics, and Bailterspace, John Halvorsen has generated some serious noise in his time. Now, Halvorsen - under his Vorsen moniker - has announced A World On Fire, a new album that collates solo material he's recorded over the past three decades. Since 1991, Halvorsen has been recording, producing, and mixing his own material in both his New York and Wellington studios, and the time has come to unleash this collection on the masses. Pressed as a strictly limited edition to black and red marbled vinyl at Stebbings, it's high time these long hidden recordings came to light! - Flying Out

From the mind of John Halvorsen (The Gordons, Skeptics, Bailter Space) comes A World on Fire, capturing three decades of solo material released for the very first time. Influenced by retro-futurist science fiction themes and the flashpoint of real-world current events, A World on Fire is melodic, heavy, emotive and grungy, with echoes of shoegaze and space rock.All songs written, performed, recorded & mixed by John Halvorsen between 1991 and 2023 at Subsonic NYC & Brooklyn WGTN New Zealand. Pressed by Stebbings in Auckland New Zealand.

  1. Terraformer
  2. Dreamstate 
  3. Faster Than Light 
  4. Seeds of Future 
  5. A Whole New World 
  6. Event Horizon 
  7. The Time of Our Lives
  8. Memes for Brains 
  9. A World on Fire 
  10. Before September 
  11. The New Water 
  12. Floating Point