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Juvenilia is a compilation of the Verlaines brilliant early singles and EPs. First released in 1987, and reissued in 1993 with bonus tracks it documents the bands early history and is the perfect introduction to one of New Zealands great bands.

Opening with the irrepressible, Death and the Maiden, a song that for many is archetypal of the groups deft ability to wield a pop hook. The album also features their first two tracks, Angela and Crisis After Crisis, recorded on Chris Knox's four track and released on the infamous Dunedin Double EP.

Juvenilia, complete with orchestral and brass flourishes, is a constant display of the unstoppable songwriting skills of vocalist/guitarist Graeme Downes. From single Doomsday through to their perfect love song‚ Joed Out, Juvenilia is a compilation filled with all the elegant and often magnificently moody elements of the Verlaines.

Track Listing

  1. Death And The Maiden
  2. Doomsday
  3. Joed Out
  4. Baud To Tears
  5. Crisis After Crisis
  6. Burlesque
  7. You Cheat Yourself of Everything That Moves
  8. Pyromaniac
  9. Windsong
  10. Angela
  11. You Say You
  12. New Kind Of Hero
  13. Instrumental
  14. Phil Too?
  15. C.D. Jimmy Jazz and Me