Red Sands

Vinyl LP

STAFF PICK "Performing in English, Arabic, and her native language, Dinka, Ajak Kwai’s music draws upon South Sudanese funk and blues influences driving political messages through her music" Hunter

Ajak Kwai is a name well known to the airwaves, stage, and broader Australian music community for her powerful performances and strong messages that call for inclusion and celebration of the diversity found throughout Australian society.

In her forthcoming EP, Red Sands, Ajak sings about her own personal experiences of living in Australia and how her love for this country and her community is not always something that is felt mutually. Despite living in Australia and considering Australia to be an integral part of her identity, Ajak reflects on the fact that discrimination is still a prevalent experience and is something she faces daily. The upbeat and joyous grooves throughout the EP create space and warmth, welcoming the listener to enjoy the music, even if they may not always understand the compelling lyrics delivered in Arabic, Ajak's native language Dinka, or English. Ajak's music reflects her belief that 'harmony goes a lot further than conflict' and invites the listener to consider how their individual actions can celebrate diversity and foster inclusion.


1 I'll Be Your Eyes
2 Rabina Mana
3 Arrows
4 Red Sands