Saved And Sanctified: Songs of Jade Label

Vinyl LP

The phrase Saved and Sanctified is one well known in Pentecostal and Holiness Movement circles. An online source defines salvation as being “brought into an intimate, fellowship and relationship with the Lord [Jesus] through the new birth” while sanctification “is an ongoing process in the believer’s life that is accomplished by the Holy Spirit within, separating the believer from sin.” Numero adopts Saved and Sanctified as the title of a compilation of traditional gospel tunes released as singles in the 1960s they describe as “the rawest, DIY gospel ever resurrected.”

The setting for the Songs of the Jade Label is Chicago, where Gene Autry Cash came with his Old Dominion musical squad in a bid to procure a lasting recording of “their fiery, unadorned sounds.” Cash soon had a huge following as his recording firm attracted simple devout folks, “those God-fearing artists,” who wanted to have their gospel singles “cut… indelibly to plastics.” The present album is therefore not a selection of songs released by professional and huge money-making gospel music stars but features even “family bands with wailing kids” as well as “barely amateur groups sourced from local parishes, infused with reverberations of country and western and deep soul.”

Released on vinyl LP, the compilation includes 13 tracks and 11 different musical ensembles

1 140g LP
1 tip-on single LP jacket
1 2-sided 11" x 11" LP insert
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Side A

“Didn’t It Rain” – Rev. Solomon King and the Glory Bound Singers
“Got to Make a Hundred” – Harmony Four
“I Want To Be More Like Him” – The Gospel Song Birds
“Soul Couldn’t Be Contented” – The Inspirational Souls
“Saved and Sanctified” – Brother Hayes and the Farmer Singers
“My Shoes” – Flying Eagle Gospel Singers

Side B

“Why is the Blood Running Warm?” – The Mighty Messiahs
“Never Alone” – The Gospel Clouds
“I Love the Lord” – The Mountavie Gospel Singers
“Satisfied Mind” – Reverend Jennings
“God Won’t Let You Down” – Southern Faith Singers
“Family Prayer” – Flying Eagle Gospel Singers
“Wake Up Country” – Sons of Christ