Themes From An Empty Coffee Lounge


The first ever excavation of one of Kiwidoms favourite musical genres and the sound of an entire generation - the 60s guitar instrumental as played by a host of local heroes.

A good example of how much we loved guitar instrumentals can be found in an April 1963 edition of NZs only specialist music magazine at the time ‘Teen Scene’, of the eight local artists and groups featured, four were instrumental groups, one female singer, 2 male singers and a solitary vocal group. The Beatles were already a major force on the world scene but for the time being we were in love with The Shadows and our very own equivalents.

Themes From An Empty Coffee Lounge features 33 guitar instrumental tracks from household names such as Peter Posa, Gray Bartlett, Max Merritt & The Meteors, The Invaders, and The Four Fours. Also featured are several bands and artists that were popular in their respective regions, The Minors from Whanganui, The Detours from Christchurch, The Premiers and Toni & The Initials from Wellington, and The Rockets from Napier. But even more fascinating are some of the forgotten names, Jim Coyle from Wanganui who wrote several hit songs for Peter Posa and owned an amplifier factory. Kevin Watson still performs today but many people wouldn’t know him or his music, yet as a studio guitarist has played on 100’s of well known local hits from the mid 60s until the late 70s. A group of 12-13 year old schoolboys recorded a demo of Dr No in 1963, two years later they would have a lead singer called Larry Morris and become Larry’s Rebels. You can hear Doug Jerebine in 1963 as the lead guitarist of The Embers (nowadays Doug is a cult guitar guru). Two Auckland groups that had a large followings The Sierras and The Al Paget Sextet are also featured alongside young teenager Gary Bayer who’s guitar ability belies his young age while Mauri Chan’s unique style is intoxicating.

  1. The InvadersThe Cruel Sea
  2. Peter Posa - The White Rabbit
  3. Gray BartlettJet Walk
  4. Max Merritt & The Meteors - Soft Surfie
  5. The Invaders - Ku-Pow
  6. Gary Bayer - Mod Bod
  7. The Embers - Planet 10
  8. Gray Bartlett - Moon Man
  9. Kevin Watson - Watching The Ghouls Go By
  10. The Premiers - Top 20 Theme
  11. The Four Fours - Theme From An Empty Coffee Lounge
  12. The Silhouettes - Theme From The Endless Summer
  13. The Sierras - The Fall Of The Roman Empire
  14. The Embers - Metropolis
  15. The Al Paget Sextet - Sea Of Clouds
  16. Gary Bayer - Gary’s Tune
  17. The Sierras - Romeo
  18. The Embers - Murder She Said (Miss Marple Theme)
  19. Mauri Chan - Rickshaw
  20. Gray Bartlett - Roller-Coaster
  21. The Al Paget Sextet - Stampede
  22. Kevin Watson - Beehive
  23. Gray Bartlett - The Wobbly
  24. Jim Coyle - Natterjack (The Frivolous Frog)
  25. The Minors - Moontide
  26. The Rockets - Roadrunner (unreleased)
  27. The Rebels - Dr No (Jazz) (unreleased)
  28. Gray Bartlett - Return Of Zero Man
  29. The Minors - Avalanche
  30. Tony & The Initials - War Cry
  31. The Detours - Murphy The Surfie
  32. Jim Coyle - Finger Popper
  33. The Four Fours - Stingray