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Creator is the Lemonheads' second album. Still featuring the full original lineup, the album also includes John P. Strohm (of the Blake Babies, Antenna, and Velo-Deluxe) on drums. From the oddly surreal album cover image (a snapshot of friend and high school classmate Ivan Kreilkamp, originator of the name "Lemonheads," clutching a box of Cheerios) to the themes of death, dreams, obsession, and mayhem that haunt the material, Creator is weird, ambitious, and markedly moodier than its predecessor - without having lost the band's irreverent sense of humour.

Also evident in this sophomore effort is a newfound attention to idiosyncratic detail-from the precisely timed inter-song pauses and sound clips, to the carefully-crafted song order of the album's original 13 tracks. Creator finds Ben Deily once again slipping in quotations from Emily Dickinson ("Burying Ground") and references to Matthew Arnold ("Come to the Window"), while Dando breaks new ground in songwriting complexity (the rich sonic tapestry of "Out") as well as arrangement, ushering in the band's first-ever acoustic recording (his cover of Charles Manson's "Your Home Is Where You're Happy").

At the same time, the band still fires off blistering punk rock ("Clang Bang Clang," "Die Right Now," "Take Her Down") and finds time to lovingly trash Kiss' 1977 classic "Plaster Caster."

Recorded in one coherent series of sessions-unlike its predecessor, Hate Your Friends, and its follow-up Lick - Creator is, for all its musical schizophrenia, arguably the most coherent of the Lemonheads' TAANG-era recordings. 


  1. Burying Ground
  2. Sunday
  3. Clang Bang Clang
  4. Out
  5. Your Home Is Where You're Happy
  6. Falling
  7. Die Right Now
  8. Two Weeks In Another Town
  9. Plaster Caster
  10. Come To The Window
  11. Take Her Down
  12. Postcard
  13. Live Without


RIYL: Bob Mould, Dinosaur Jr, J. Mascis, Guided By Voices, Sebadoh

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