The Wonderful & Frightening World of...

Vinyl LP
The Wonderful and Frightening World Of... is the 7th album by The Fall, released in October 1984. It was the band's first album with the successful Beggars Banquet label who put them with name producer John Leckie. Brix Smith co-wrote around half the tracks. Paul Hanley left the band immediately after the accompanying UK tour, ending the group's distinctive "twin drummers" period.
Side One ("Frightening" side)
  1. "Lay of the Land"
  2. "2 x 4"
  3. "Copped It"
  4. "Elves"
Side Two ("Wonderful" side)
  1. "Slang King"
  2. "Bug Day"
  3. "Stephen Song"
  4. "Craigness"
  5. "Disney's Dream Debased"