Live at the Matrix 1967: The Original Masters (3CD)


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Complete and original recordings sourced from the first-generation 7” reels. Includes 2 never before heard recordings - All Blues and Bag’s Groove.The original recordings have been remastered by Bruce Botnick, The Doors longtime engineer/mixer, for official release.


March 7, 1967 – First Set 
01. Bags’ Groove (Instrumental)*
02. Back Door Man
03. My Eyes Have Seen You* 
04. Soul Kitchen
05. All Blues (Instrumental)* 
06. Get Out Of My Life Woman**
07. When The Music’s Over*March 7, 1967 – Second Set
08. Close To You** 
09. Crawling King Snake** 
10. I Can’t See Your Face In My Mind 
11. People Are Strange 
12. Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)
13. The Crystal Ship 
14. Twentieth Century Fox
CD2March 7, 1967 – Third Set
 01. Moonlight Drive
02. Summer’s Almost Gone*
03. Unhappy Girl 
04. Woman Is A Devil / Rock Me Baby**
05. Break On Through (To The Other Side)**
06. Light My Fire 
07. The EndMarch 10, 1967 – First Set
08. My Eyes Have Seen You
09. Soul Kitchen** 
10. I Can’t See Your Face In My Mind** 
11. People Are Strange** 
12. When The Music’s Over
CD3March 10, 1967 – Second Set
01. Money**
02. Who Do You Love** 
03. Moonlight Drive* 
04. Summer’s Almost Gone 
05. I’m A King Bee**
06. Gloria**
07. Break On Through (To The Other Side)*March 10, 1967 – Third Set
08. Summertime (Instrumental)** 
09. Back Door Man** 
10. Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)*MARCH 8 OR 9, 1967
11. The End (Partial) / “Let’s Feed Ice Cream To The Rats

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