Dust And Dirt

Vinyl 2LP

New Zealand reggae-soul heavyweights The Black Seeds present their highly anticipated new studio album ‘Dust and Dirt’, featuring lead single “Pippy Pip”.

The long awaited follow up to 2008's ‘Solid Ground’, ‘Dust and Dirt’ marks an exciting new chapter for the multi-platinum selling kiwi band whose fan base has spread around the world in recent years.


  1. Out Of Light
  2. Dust And Dirt
  3. Pippy Pip
  4. Wide Open
  5. The Bend
  6. Loose Cartilage
  7. Frostbite
  8. Settle Down
  9. Love Me Now
  10. Gabriel's Strut
  11. Cracks In Our Crown
  12. Don't Turn Around
  13. Rusted Story