Cosmic Palms

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Cosmic Palms is the debut album from the Wellington-based 4-piece Full Moon Fiasco, on Muzai Records.

Led by Will Rattray (Thought Creature) & featuring members of Kittentank, The Pickups & Red Country, the Full Moon Fiasco is Rattray’s experiment/foray into the world of multi-tracked, rich psychedelic pop music.

Cosmic Palms owes more to traditional Psy than anything “neo”, with a full, lush approach reminiscent of anything by Brian Wilson or the 13th Floor Elevators, in contrast to Thought Creature’s tight, dance-friendly post-punk sound.

Cosmic Palms encompasses a layered, textured sound that invites comparison with Piper at the Gates of Dawn-era Pink Floyd & more recently Brian Jonestown Massacre. The album was recorded largely by Rattray himself – with the band sourced for live performance – using both 4-track & digital formats.

Featuring organs, acoustic guitar dispersed with the odd killer electrified riff, a solid rhythm section & the floating, shamanistic vocals of Rattray, Cosmic Palms shows a solid & well thought out grasp of song structure & wicked hooks – make no mistake, this is a catchy beast, so consider yourself warned!


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