Cosmic Palms


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Cosmic Palms is the debut album from the Wellington-based 4-piece Full Moon Fiasco, on Muzai Records.

Led by Will Rattray (Thought Creature) & featuring members of Kittentank, The Pickups & Red Country, the Full Moon Fiasco is Rattray’s experiment/foray into the world of multi-tracked, rich psychedelic pop music.

Cosmic Palms owes more to traditional Psy than anything “neo”, with a full, lush approach reminiscent of anything by Brian Wilson or the 13th Floor Elevators, in contrast to Thought Creature’s tight, dance-friendly post-punk sound.

Cosmic Palms encompasses a layered, textured sound that invites comparison with Piper at the Gates of Dawn-era Pink Floyd & more recently Brian Jonestown Massacre. The album was recorded largely by Rattray himself – with the band sourced for live performance – using both 4-track & digital formats.

Featuring organs, acoustic guitar dispersed with the odd killer electrified riff, a solid rhythm section & the floating, shamanistic vocals of Rattray, Cosmic Palms shows a solid & well thought out grasp of song structure & wicked hooks – make no mistake, this is a catchy beast, so consider yourself warned!


1. Freedom Town
2. Eyes and Ears
3. Magnet Bizzare
4. Full Moon Fiasco
5. Worlds Above and Worlds Below
6. Step Stones
7. Neighbourhood Clowns
8. Loves Lips
9. Sunday
10. Discus Drive

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