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Formed in Flying Nun's spiritual home, Dunedin, in 1986, Straitjacket fits quickly established themselves as the labels prime purveyors of rock 'n' roll in its primal, blistering and downright sensual form.

Formed by Double apps Shayne Carter and John Collie, and bassist David Wood. Andrew Brough, formerly of The Orange, joined soon after and added a foil in the form of pop sensibility to Carter's more raucous songwriting. With their swaggering mix of fierce guitars and other ethereal vocal melodies, the group cared its way past pretenders and continued in determined fashion to make their towards what seemed to be their inevitable place on rock's throne - with their epic swathes of guitar and song, such imagery seems entirely appropriate. 

This is a compilation of all their greatest moments. Essential.


  1. Dialing a Prayer
  2. Burn It Up
  3. Headwind
  4. She Speeds
  5. Down In Splendor
  6. Let It Blow
  7. If I Were You
  8. Missing Presumed Drowned
  9. Sparkle That Shines
  10. Bad Note for a Heart
  11. Done
  12. APS
  13. Inna Can
  14. Life in One Chord
  15. Cast Stone