All In


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All In is the seventh studio album from the one and only Stan Walker. This is Stan Walker in full glory through equal parts trademark anthems (‘Don’t Worry Baby’ feat. Celina Sharma, ‘Come Back Home’) and R&B inflected bangers paying homage to the music he was raised on (‘Human’ feat. Vince Harder & Louis Baker). ‘All In’ is a representation of refinement, following a career that spans over a decade.


  1. All In
  2. Bullet
  3. Best Friend
  4. You Like It
  5. Mockingbird (feat. Kings)
  6. Remember Us (feat. JoJo)
  7. The One You Want (feat. JessB)
  8. Feelings (feat. Kings)
  9. I Am the Colour (feat. Jordan Gavet & Scribe)
  10. If You Love Me (feat. Fatai)
  11. Never Be Alone
  12. Cold Nights (feat. Larissa Lambert)
  13. Human (feat. Vince Harder & Louis Baker)
  14. Come Back Home
  15. Don’t Worry Baby (feat. Celina Sharma)
  16. Matemateāone 

Bonus Track

  1. Come Back Home (Canaan Ene Remix)

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