Foxy (Red Vinyl LP)

Red Vinyl LP

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William Basinski is the artistic genius behind the sombre and genre-defining avant-garde The Disintegration Loops project. He also loves to play the saxophone in his zebra print undies and fabulous sunglasses, and make bonkers, jubilant, and unpredictable pop music with offsiders Preston Wendel and Gary Thomas Wright under the Sparkle Division moniker. Is it drum'n'bass, is it exotica? Is it lounge music for the blank generation? Is it a lost David Lynch soundtrack? Yeah, it's all of those things, and more. We can categorically state, there ain't no party like a Sparkle Division party. You're invited... attend. - Flying Out

1969. Two gorgeous young interns in the film industry get invited to a glamorous A-list Hollywood party in the Trousdale Estates - in one of those fabulous pavilion-style mid-century modern homes at the top of Beverly Hills. They go in their best mod clewths. Eyes popping at the technicolor scene of Hollywood stars smoking and drinking in the sunken living room, they do as instructed and have some punch and watch - wallflower style as drama ensues... oh, and the the house is owned by Foxy, the pimp and drug dealer who everybody there owes munty, hunty... and he's ready to get paid! Oh yeah, and the punch is dosed with LSD25. They manage to make it home, panties and purses and shoes intact and will never forget this party for as long as they live.


1. Have Some Punch
2. Here Comes Trouble
3. Foxy
4. The Punch!
5. Bitch Fight
6. Oh Yeah!
7. Slip and Slide
8. We Were There

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