Skeptics III

Flying Nun

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III showcases the band’s abrasive and haunting sound as well as their pioneering, embracing nature of early sampling technology in a time when jangle guitar pop was prominent on Flying Nun records. Despite being left-of-center, Skeptics III made an impact in New Zealand due to the controversial video for “AFFCO”, named after a meat work company in the North Island. The video shows graphic footage of an animal slaughter house and was banned from national television.

​III is now reissued and remastered on 12″ vinyl, CD, and digital by Flying Nun and Captured Tracks.


Title: Skeptics III
Label: Flying Nun Records
Cat #: FN109
Year: 1987 . Re-Issued 2013
Format: 12" LP, CD + Digital

Recorded: Writhe Recording, Wellington, New Zealand, 1987. Engineered and Produced by Brent McLaughlin and the SKEPTICS. Re-Mastered by Nick Roughan, 2013.

Band: Nick Roughan (Backing Vocals, Bass, Sampler), Don White (Drums, Percussion, Sampler), Jon Halvorsen (Guitar), David D'Ath (Vocals, Sampler).

Track List:

  1. Affco
  2. Feeling Bad
  3. Agitator
  4. Turnover
  5. La Motta
  6. Notice
  7. Rain
  8. Luna
  9. Crave


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