Disappointing Sequel (Vinyl LP, Blue)

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You know, when it comes to bands, nothing beats a tightly wound trio; no frills, nothing unnecessary, just guitar, bass, and drums working together to churn out a sound that’s bigger than its parts. Local heroes REPAIRS are just that remarkable unit, building a formidable reputation in recent years for their unbeatable live show, and stonking debut album Repeat, Repeat. Now, the volume knob is going where no knob has been before, up to twelve, with brand new album Disappointing Sequel announced, set to raise the band’s game in every way. Featuring newly released blistering singles Map, Territory and Mosaic, the album has been described as “powerful, personal and political”, all hallmarks of a classic REPAIRS affair. It ain’t broken, so they didn’t fix it… they REPAIRSed it, and we’re here for it. - Flying Out

Powerful, personal and political, REPAIRS are experts at playing with tension and release. Sophomore album "Disappointing Sequel" sees the band refine and expand their sound from their debut “Repeat, Repeat”, while remaining true to their DIY roots.  

Continuing on the themes of the 2020s, “Disappointing Sequel” includes songs about never-ending anxiety, crushing disappointment, the importance of connection – and why being angry matters. Nationalism is still stupid.

"REPAIRS blend their noise rock foundation with sharp lyricism, showcasing their prowess in their craft. The driving force behind the band's sound is both loud and immediate, underscoring the punk rock essence which permeates their songwriting." Destroy//Exist


  1. Tailspin
  2. Mosaic
  3. Strange Times
  4. Math Grenades
  5. Map, Territory
  6. A Fatiguing Ouroboros
  7. Auto Icon
  8. Slow Burner (A Song for Gus)
  9. Open Plan Anxiety
  10. LYLAS
  11. Doomscrolling
  12. Time Travel
  13. Trashfaced