Le Tigre (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP

LUCIA'S STAFF PICK: "Riot Grrrl pioneer and Bikini Kill front man Kathleen Hanna's second band, Le Tigre, mix the politics and attitude of punk with eclectic pop and lo-fi synths." 

Le Tigre's self-titled debut is a wonder of postmodern, lo-fi indie rock. Ex-Bikini Kill Riot Grrrl Kathleen Hanna has toned down the tuneless rage of her former band, and with the assistance of her artsy friends Johanna Fateman and Sadie Benning, has created an album of tuneful rage. Pop songs, no less. Casting a critical eye over the contemporary urban scene they inhabit, Le Tigre is packed with acerbic wit and referential wordplay shouted against a backdrop of guitars, sythesizers, beats, samples and, apparently, anything else to hand in the studios and bedrooms where it was recorded.


A1. Deceptacon
A2. Hot Topic
A3. What's Yr Take On Cassavetes?
A4.The The Empty
A5. Phanta
A6. Eau D'Bedroom Dancing
B1. Let's Run
B2. My My Metrocard
B3. Friendship Station
B4. Slideshow At Free University
B5. Dude. Yr So Crazy!
B6. Les And Ray