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From his early days drumming in seminal Chicago bands Cap'n Jazz and Joan of Arc to fronting cult emo idols American Football, Mike Kinsella has had a hand in some pretty dang important and influential projects in the history of indie rock. These days, Kinsella is still playing in a thousand different bands, but since the early 2000s has been largely active with his own musical vehicle Owen. Now, over thirty years into a remarkable career, Kinsella is set to unveil his most ambitious and lush record yet with The Falls of Sioux. Laden with strings and thoughtful production, with guest vocals from Now Now's Cacie Dalager, the album is familiar, but finds our hero tilling new soil. - Flying Out

On the new Owen album, The Falls of Sioux, Mike Kinsella (American Football, LIES, Cap'n Jazz) returns with the followup to 2020's critically acclaimed album, The Avalanche, and delivers the most ambitious and varied album of his career. Recorded at Hive Studios in Eau Claire, WI + SHIRK Studios in Chicago, IL and produced by S. Carey, Zach Hanson and Mike Kinsella, The Falls of Sioux finds Kinsella taking risks like never before, both lyrically and musically. Featuring lavish string arrangements, vocal contributions from CacieDalager (Now, Now), Kinsella's iconic guitar & drumming styles, and even a spoken word vignette, the album is an exciting departure from Kinsella's previous work, while still retaining what makes Owen albums so fascinating and replayable.

Mike Kinsella's work over the years with his various musical endeavors has been nothing short of foundational, from early days with Cap'n Jazz right up until recently with American Football's unforeseen and excellent second act. His music has been heralded in outlets such as Rolling Stone, NPR, The NY Times, and Pitchfork, who called American Football's debut album "the most influential album in the genre."


1. A Reckoning
2. Beaucoup
3. Hit and Run
4. Cursed Id
5. Virtue Misspent
6. Mount Cleverest
7. Qui Je Plaisante?
8. Penny
9. With You Without You

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