Mi specchio e rifletto

Inspired by the poetry of Alda Merini and her studies with composer Garret List, Italian violinist-composer Silvia Tarozzi turned to the song form after being involved for many years in contemporary music and free improvisation. Over the course of nearly a decade, Tarozzi practiced setting the poetry of Alda Merini to music and then replacing it with her own to reflect her own life experiences. As a result, Mi specchio e rifletto is a wondrous combination of baroque folk, avant-garde, and progressive music art-song that feels both poetic and earnestly autobiographical. Echoes of past masterpieces reverberate throughout: the gentle chamber explorations of Penguin Cafe Orchestra, the science fiction of Franco Battiato’s 'Fetus', the abstract free jazz flourishes of Maria Monti’s 'Il Bestiario', the sweetness of Caterina Casseli’s 'Primavera'. As a solo performer, Tarozzi is a long time collaborator with composers Eliane Radigue, Pascale Criton, Cassandra Miller and Martin Arnold. In duo with Deborah Walker, and as a member of Ensemble Dedalus, she has worked with Christian Wolff, Jürg Frey, Michael Pisaro, Catherine Lamb, Sébastien Roux, and many others. She previously released Philip Corner 'Extreemizms: early & late' on Unseen Worlds in 2018.


1. Al cancello   
2. La forza del canto
3. La sostanza dell’affetto     
4. Mi specchio e rifletto 

5. Domina    
6. Hai nella bocca un silenzio   
7. Astuta
8. Spazio
9. … e non volevi le ali     
10. Che cos’è una primavera 
11. Siedimi accanto  
12. L’assenza     
13. Al balcone 
14. Sembra neve    
15. Parlavi di un bambino 
16. xxx Anna