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There aren't many albums we've listened to quite so much in the store as we've listened to Wellington saxophonist Lucien Johnson's 2021 album Wax /// Wane, with its lush production and warm immediacy making it the perfect soundtrack to just about any situation. Imagine our delight, then, upon learning Johnson has a new album on the way this April! Ancient Relics will lure in fans of the more spiritual side of jazz, with Natalia Lagi'itaua Mann's harp and Johnson's tenor sax evoking the best moments of Alice Coltrane and Pharoah Sanders, while the lulling piano of maestro Jonathan Crayford joins the mix at all the right moments. So far, we've only been treated to the title track as a single, and suffice to say our curiosity is well and truly piqued! - Flying Out

Released on 1 April 2024, Ancient Relics is Johnson’s sophomore solo recording following his much-lauded 2021 album debut, ‘Wax /// Wane’. With enigmatic grooves and evocative harmonies, ‘Ancient Relics’ is awash with the lushness of Johnson’s tenor saxophone and features the distinctive sound of the harpist, Natalia Lagi'itaua Mann whose swirling enchantments brings to mind the great Alice Coltrane. While references to the 1960s Impulse! Records abound, there is also a unique quality to ‘Ancient Relics’ - one which values contemplation and ephemerality above all else. 


1 - Ancient Relics
2 - Embers
3 - Ada
4 - Escape Capsule
5 - Space Junk
6 - Satellites

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