Life Of A Dark Rose

Vinyl LP


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Lil Skies releases his 2017 breakthrough mixtape Life of a Dark Rose on vinyl.

Lil Skies makes every move with his family in mind. His very moniker nods to his dad’s rap alias “Dark Skies,” and the two even teamed up on a mixtape, Father-Son Talk, way back in 2013. Before his career took off, he ducked out of college and cooked dope in the garage to support everyone. Minted as a rising star, Skies named his 2019 chart-topping debut, Shelby, after his mother. As a father himself now, the multiplatinum Waynesboro, PA rapper goes harder than ever in 2021 on his second full-length offering, Unbothered.


1. Welcome To The Rodeo
2. The Clique
3. Red Roses (Ft. Landon Cube)
4. Lust / 05. Cloudy Skies
6. Signs Of Jealousy
7. Big Money
8. Tell My Haters
9. Boss Up
10. Garden
11. Lettuce Sandwich
12. Strictly Business
13. Kill4u
14. Nowadays (Ft. Landon Cube)