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Under the name Saqqara Mastabas, Fiery Furnaces’ Matthew Friedberger has teamed up with Sebadoh’s Bob D’Amico to create music that encapsulates a specific sense of noisy and manic joy. With inspirations ranging from the pyramid-like arrangement of their own compositions to their awe over the spiritual connection between humans and nature, the duo layers improvisation with absurdism to create an experimental landscape of progressive and traditional sounds



1. Walking Through The False Door
2. Fixed By The Tiny Talons Of The Vulture Goddess
3. No Escape For The Serfs On The Surf
4. Uto On The Upswing
5. Parade Of The Prisoner Priests On Parade
6. Smoking On The Mountain, Embalming In The Valley
7. The Failure (Of The Fencing Of The Underground Apart From The Apartments’ Part)
8. Unknown Term For Butcher
9. The Cosmetician's Knife