Who Me?

Vinyl LP

Who Me? is the next chapter in the ongoing story of Juan Wauters. Whereas his debut solo record was recorded casually over the course of one year, his new album was crafted in under two weeks at Future Apple Tree in Rock Island, Illinois. Inspired by both the arrangements of Uruguayan songwriter Jaime Roos and the production of American master Dr. Dre, this collection of songs presents his continued approach to existential questioning through pop music. Tracks like "She Might Get Shot" and "I Was Well," which may seem like wisdom addressed to the listener, are in fact part of Juan's reciprocal process of self-actualization through songwriting and performing. Bringing new sounds to his repertoire, "This Is I" and "Through That Red" add a spiritual tone with ethereal string arrangements. Juan's voice - which has risen to the forefront of his music since his first recordings with The Beets - intensifies with added nuance. This year Juan Wauters will continue to tour the world in support of his second solo record.


1. En Mi 
2. Todo Terminó 
3. I'm All Wrong 
4. There's Something Still There 
5. Woodside, Queens 
6. Through That Red 
7. Misbehave 
8. She Might Get Shot 
9. Grey Matter 
10. I Was Well 
11. Así no más 
12. This Is I 
13. El Show De Los Muertos