H.C. McEntire, frontwoman of Mount Moriah & Bellafea, strikes out on her own with her debut solo album LIONHEART, a collection of songs inspired by the American South and a desire to reclaim “country” music from the heteronormative, homogenous schtick of tailgates and six-packs and men chasing women. Stereogum describes her voice as “weary, wise, and bright as morning sunshine all at once,” and that sunshine glows throughout the triumphant LIONHEART. “LIONHEART is personal: from recording it mostly at my house, to inviting close friends to play on it and put themselves in it, to the deeply autobiographical narratives of place and people,” writes McEntire. “In music, there are no rules. You make your own language. You can be both the Southern rock outlier and the twangy gospel conduit.


  1. A Lamb, A Dove 
  2. Baby’s Got The Blues
  3. Yellow Roses
  4. Wild Dogs 
  5. Quartz In The Valley 
  6. When You Come For Me
  7. Red Silo 
  8. One Great Thunder 
  9. Dress In The Dark