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Melbourne pop eccentric Gregor releases his fourth album Satanic Lullabies, his deepest and darkest record yet.

In the years since his first album, 2016's Thoughts & Faults, Gregor's music has got progressively odder, more challenging and more rewarding. The spacious, acerbic pop of Silver Drop (2018), featuring touching single A Song About Holding Hands, was followed by the lovesick Destiny (2020), which put Gregor's inquisitive pop through a warped filter. Now Satanic Lullabies has polar extremes of wide-eyed innocence and deep despair. There are moments of great musical beauty that segue into harsh, bleak soundscapes. "I'm seeking to draw attention to the similarities between heaven and hell," says Gregor, "and to comfort anyone who recognises these." Satanic Lullabies is a modern epic, a bedroom odyssey, like if pre-MAGA Kanye made a Disney soundtrack. Gregor's live show ranges from solo mode up to a ten piece band, and he has played festivals such as Golden Plains, Dark Mofo, Inner Varnika, Boogie and The Others Way. He was nominated for Best Album and Best Solo Artist in the 2019 Music Victoria Awards, and Best Pop Act in 2021.


1. Prelude
2. Royal Blues
3. Angels
4. The Magic Pony
5. Lamplight
6. The Sparkle
7. Flaming Clouds
8. Reality Rings Loud
9. The Fantasy
10. Sick Death


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