Black Ticket Day (Vinyl Reissue)




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First time on vinyl since 1992 and out of print for decades. Pressed on black or opaque purple vinyl.

"Kuepper's purple patch of the first half of the 1990s is something extraordinary, and Black Ticket Day (1992) is a jewel in his crown. It's as expansive as its predecessor Honey Steel's Gold yet more electric; features pop gems It's Lunacy and Real Wild Life but also wig-outs like Blind Girl Stripper and All My Ideas Run to Crime. Law of Nature (1984) is a heat-haze of an album, drawing as Kuepper has said on memories of growing up in the semi-rural suburbs of Brisbane. It manages to find a perfect fit for the experimental colours of earlier Laughing Clowns releases within a set of disciplined song-forms. A classic of Australian post-punk featuring the original recording of 'Eternally Yours.'" - John Encarnacao, author, Ed Kuepper's Honey Steel's Gold for 33 1/3.


1. It's Lunacy
2. Blind Girl Stripper
3. Real Wild Life
4. All My Ideas Run to Crime
5. Black Ticket Day
6. Helps Me Understand
7. There's Nothing Natural
8. Walked Thin Wires