Specialist In All Styles


Produced by Youssou N'Dour with World Circuit's Nick Gold, the album 'Specialist In All Styles' is driven by an infallible groove, standout vocal performances and - in Barthelemy Attisso - one of Africa's best guitarists. Featuring guest contributions from Cuban superstar Ibrahim Ferrer and N'Dour himself, the album is infused with an infectious sense of enjoyment and a wealth of experience summarised best by its title.

RIYL Youssou N'Dour 


  1. Bul Ma Miin 
  2. Sutukun 
  3. Dée Moo Wóor 
  4. Jiin Ma Jiin Ma 
  5. Ndongoy Daara 
  6. On Verra Ça 
  7. Hommage A Tonton Ferrer 
  8. El Son Te Llama 
  9. Gnawoe