Hiding In Plain Sight

Vinyl LP
The third and most seasoned Drugdealer album, Hiding In Plain Sight, almost didn't happen at all. Frustrated and insecure with his own singing voice prior to the pandemic, Drugdealer founder and primary songwriter Michael Collins was nearly ready to throw in the towel. With hits like "Suddenly" and "The Real World" (from the band's 2016 debut, The End Of Comedy) and "Honey" (from their first album for Mexican Summer, 2019’s Raw Honey), Collins had plenty to be happy about. But due to a frequent impulse to hand over the microphone to friends and collaborators like Weyes Blood, Jackson MacIntosh, and his trusty musical companion Sasha Winn, Collins became increasingly unsure of himself as a singer. Then, amidst the windswept art colony of Marfa, Texas, a chance encounter with the visionary artist and composer Annette Peacock changed his outlook.

  1. Madison 
  2. Baby (Ft. Tim Presley)
  3. Someone to Love
  4. Pictures of You (Ft. Kate Bollinger) 
  5. New Fascination
  6. Valentine
  7. To Live and Drive in La
  8. Hard Dreaming Man
  9. Posse Cut (Ft. Bambina, Sedona, Sean Nicholas Savage)