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Following the success of their breakout self-titled EP and a series of captivating videos, Doprah return with their highly-anticipated debut album Wasting.From the eerie, reed-filled depths of its conception and recorded over a period of three years following 2011s Christchurch earthquake, the albums atmosphere is dark, undulating and electric. Sounds throb, crack, glisten and weave across a genre-melting sonic landscape.

A child of the internet, Doprah was born from an online collaboration between Steven Marr and Indira Force, resulting in the self-titled EP followed by a number of cinematic music videos (including the J-pop inspired YouTube comment hotbed 'Stranger People'), sold out venues across their homeland, dipped their toes in Australian waters and journeyed to the other side of the world to play New York's CMJ Festival.

Wasting sees the now six-piece bands ethereal, trip-pop sound reach a new level of fidelity and cohesion, with credit due to the bands principal producer Steven Marr. Liquid synthesizers and cavernous programmed beats are fused with traditional live instruments to create a trendless sound, uniquely Doprah. Floating among the instrumentation is Indira Force a musician able to transmit emotion like few vocalists can, sometimes forgoing lyrics altogether in the Björk/Elizabeth Fraser vein of vocal envelope-pushing.Wasting is a visionary debut - a powerful statement of intent crafted by an unusually talented young band on a tiny island at the bottom of the world.

*Vinyl comes with insert and digital download (download contains two bonus tracks)

Track List:

  1. I Will Be A Figure 8
  2. Subaeruginosa
  3. Boderline
  4. Machinery
  5. San Pedro
  6. Wormhole
  7. Wool
  8. Lucid Vision
  9. Stranger People
  10. Omni
  11. Black Lodge
What People Are Saying About Doprah:

Christchurch-based pair Doprah were nowhere on our radar until a friend of Best Fit pointed us in their direction. Boy, were we glad to hear them.
- The Line of Best Fit

"Beautifully understated compositions rooted in Radiohead's family of theremin synths and the weaving texture of male and female vocals. - Pigeons and Planes

"Falling in love with Christchurch duo DOPRAH was a little bit like jumping into the ocean with bricks attached to my ankles (in the best possible way). - Purple Sneakers

Perfectly moody. Driven by that visceral chain-gang beat, and set against that Radiohead-esque baseline, you can't help but be hypnotized. - Portals

Like the roots of a tree that twist, turn and go everywhere they please, the psychedelic drug tripping sounds of Doprah on "San Pedro" not only go in the ground but they also root up and out into an ethereal haze of drug induced sonic waves. - Hilly Dilly