Sky Is Falling

Vinyl LP

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Ghost Town is a new band/collaboration between drummer Bryan Shaw, singer/pianist Mark Beesley and guitarist/singer/producer Jed Town. Town’s many monikers include the mighty Fetus Productions – but this pioneer of Kiwi-flavoured post-punk and electronica/noise/performance-art is here in a relaxed country/ish mode – his love of Beatles melodies to the fore. It’s a relaxed-sounding set of tunes but the focus is razor-sharp. John Lennon is clearly a hero and the opening brace of songs give that obvious nod, but also, it’s about people influenced by Lennon too – I hear Elvis Costello in the cover of David Wiffen’s Driving Wheel and it’s to Warren Zevon by way of Daniel Johnston for the gorgeous closer, So Sweet.


  1. Stolen Kisses
  2.  Make It To The Other Side
  3. Sky Is Falling
  4.  Ghost Town
  5.  Driving Wheel
  6. Too High
  7.  Is It You?
  8.  So Sweet

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