DJ-Kicks: Moodymann

Vinyl 3LP

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Moodymann has a singular approach to DJing. His sets span the entire history of African-American music and his hometown of Detroit. Plenty of DJs might reference hip-hop, soul, disco, house, techno and new wave as influences, but few would try to cram them all into one set. His persona behind the decks, effectively an alter-ego of Kenny Dixon Junior, is a complicated one. At times he wants to avoid the audience entirely, obscuring his face with a mask or hiding behind a sheet. But other times he's happy to be the centre of attention, using a microphone to shout party-stating banter and, on one occasion at a roller rink, joining the dance floor mid-set to help sell T-shirts emblazoned with his image. Most often he plays music that people love, but sometimes he seems to intentionally clash with the setting and earlier DJ sets. Whatever the case, his style is completely inimitable.


Side 1

  1. Where Will You Be Yaw 04:13
  2. Tea Leaf Dancers (Feat Andreya Triana) Flying Lotus, Andreya Triana 03:40
  3. Grind Les Sins 04:47

Side 2

  1. Around (Solomun Vox) Noir, Haze 06:10
  2. Stained Glass Fresh Frozen (Feat. Mara TK) Julien Dyne, Mara TK 03:58
  3. Keepyourbusinesstoyourself Jitwam 03:17

Side 3

  1. Guttah Guttah Dopehead 02:35
  2. Robot's Return (Modern Sleepover Part 2) Talc 04:33
  3. Jeux de Langues Peter Digital Orchestra 03:12
  4. Btstu Jai Paul 02:53

Side 4

  1. When My Anger Starts to Cry Beady Belle 04:14
  2. Cuz You're the One Daniel Bortz 05:03
  3. How Do I Go on (Feat. Jesante) Joeski 04:29

Side 5

  1. Les Nuits Nightmares on Wax 03:37
  2. Tag Team Triangle Blissom, Merkin 06:57
  3. It's House Music (Moodymann Edit) Lady Alma 05:35

Side 6

  1. Disco Maniac Tirogo 04:23
  2. Fall for You (Feat. April - Sandy Rivera's Classic Mix) Kings of Tomorrow, Sandy Rivera 04:50
  3. Hostile Takeover Lynn Lockamy 04:27


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