Las Vegas Grind Vol. 4

Vinyl LP

Las Vegas Grind Vols 1-6!!! Utterly insane, crazy wild and completely outrageous, each of these LPs are the creme de la creme of the raunchiest, the sleaziest and the greasiest no-holds-barred honkin' bonkin' wailin' wootin' striptease hootin' tootin' frazzle dazzle frat/jukejoint/swinger RnB party sounds from cats that cut 'em in the '50s  and early '60s.


Willie Wright & His Sparklers – Gibble Gobble
Andre Williams – Sweet Little Pussycat
Edgar Allen & The Po’ Boys – Panic Button
Jack Ross – Mumbles
Mad Man Jones – Yeah!
Earthworms, The – Mo’ Taters
Roger And The Gypsies – Pass The Hatchet
Fabulous Raiders, The – Handclapping Time
Gee-Cees, The – Buzzsaw Twist
Egyptians, The – Party Stomp
Escorts, The – Wiped Out
Crescendos, The – Hawk Walk
Playboys, The – Whatizit?
Nighthawks, The – Chicken Grabber
Charts, The – Oooba Goooba
Instrumentals, The – Are You Nervous?
Bud Grippah – Hold It