Vinyl LP

Acclaimed Italian pair Deardrums, aka Bottin and Leo di Angilla,
proudly present their adventurous debut album on 2MR. The 13
track LP is a continuation of their analogue heavy and inventive
synth style as showcased on their EP ’s to date which have received
support from the likes of Laurent Garnier & Chloe and covers
plenty of musical ground with great aplomb.

African influences, tin pot percussion and scorched synths all bring
a real sense of savannah heat to proceedings on cuts like ‘Mami
Wata’ and there is a sense of tribalism in the tigh tly programmed
drums and claps of ‘Mayan Machine’ that really stands this one
apart. Authentic and unique throughout, this is a brilliant LP that
is hard to categorise but easy to love thanks to its constant evolution
and wide sphere of sonic influences.

Deardrums will be touring in support of its release with both a full
live show and select club Dj sets.

Released May 20, 2016