Dumb Flesh


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Includes vinyl-exclusive 'Life Science' ambient suite on Side D, plus digital download 

Blanck Mass is the solo project of Benjamin John Power. The Fuck Buttons musician has been making music under the moniker since 2010.

Described by Fact Magazine as simultaneously soothing and sweepingly grandiose, esoteric and surprisingly accessible, the album was an elegant, introspective departure from the stadium electronica he had become known for. In 2012, Sundowner the second track from the album soundtracked the London Olympics Opening Ceremony.

As a work of art, Dumb Flesh is a comment on the flaws of the human form in its current evolutionary state. The frailty of the human body naturally became a resonant and inescapable part of the album's gestation. We are at the mercy of our genetic heritage everyday. No matter how intelligent we are compared to other life forms, were still made up of the same building blocks and things can go very wrong.


  1. Loam
  2. Dead Format
  3. No Lite
  4. Atrophies
  5. Cruel Sport
  6. Double Cross
  7. Lung
  8. Detritus

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