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Clash The Truth - Flying Out


Clash The Truth

Captured Tracks

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With a full time drummer (and co-writer of two tracks on the LP) Beach Fossils entered the studio in the fall of 2012 with producer Ben Greenberg of The Men. Instead of merely going from a "bedroom DiY" project to a "better fidelity studio project" the deliberate decision to work with Ben was determined to capture, if not in style, the spirit and enthusiasm of punk and aggressive music in general. To ensure that dynamic, the drums were recorded live in a room with Dustin on bass to give the album a driving and energetic force. Consider the titles "Generational Synthetic, " "Caustic Cross" and "Burn You Down, " it s easy to see how the record, while not a punk or post-punk record by strict definition, certainly nods to the first major influence of Dustin s creative spark. The first two notes of the title track that kick the LP off are a clear indicator of where his head was at.

The LP also sees Dustin stretching his songwriting muscles, with the acoustic Lennon-esque "Sleep Apnea" and the dreamy "In Vertigo, " which features the vocals of Kazu Makino (Blonde Redhead). During the recording period, the studio was flooded and destroyed by hurricane Sandy and the band had to relocate to another studio to finish the LP in earnest. It all came together when the work of legendary video artist Peter Campus was finalized to be featured throughout the release and on the striking cover. Clash the Truth marks a clear progression in the ongoing story of Beach Fossils. Drawing from the previous works melodic strengths and uncanny guitar textures emboldened by a sound closer to their energetic and cathartic live set, it s the clear next step in the trajectory of the band and the dis-association from the home-recording boom from which it originated.

Artist: Beach Fossils
Title: Clash The Truth
Label:Captured Tracks
Year: 2013
Cat #: CT-171
Formats: LP


  1. Clash the Truth
  2. Generational
  3. Synthetic Sleep
  4. Apnea Careless
  5. Modern Holiday
  6. Taking Off
  7. Shallow Burn
  8. You Down Birthday
  9. In Vertigo [ft. Kazu Makino]
  10. Brighter
  11. Caustic Cross
  12. Ascension
  13. Crashed Out



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