Gloss Drop

Vinyl 2LP

Battles' 2nd album teems with glorious melody and mischievousness. Despite Konopka's assertion that the artwork was inspired by the "mess" of the album's creation, none of that affects the unerring sense of fun in the music and the intriguing list of vocalists including Matias Aguayo and Gary Numan amongst others. Not to be outdone were the instrumentals. The loose funk of "Futura" is a
fixture of live shows to this day and in "Africastle" and "Wall Street" you can hear some of the most epic recordings in the Battles catalogue.


  1. Africastle
  2. Ice Cream
  3. Futura
  4. Inchworm
  5. Wall Street
  6. My Machines
  7. Dominican Fade
  8. Sweetie & Shag
  9. Toddler
  10. Bayce
  11. White Electric
  12. Sundome