Sim Sim Sim

Vinyl LP


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Do you love the breezy Brazilian tropicália sound of the 60s, or the psychedelic pop that followed? Soaked in harmonies that would make The Free Design blush, and lovingly built to celebrate the above mentioned avant-garde Brazilian pop sounds, the songs of Bala Desejo are also far from a pastiche. Having recently won a Latin Grammy for Sim Sim Sim, this quartet is the real deal.

Sim Sim Sim is the Latin Grammy award-winning debut album from Bala Desejo. A band who are at the forefront of Rio de Janeiro's artistic renaissance, they channel influences of Brazilian 60s Tropicália, 70s psychedelia and MPB to create a nostalgic, yet joyfully, avant-garde sound.

The band is comprised of four distinct characters, each one an incredible talent in their own right and each with impressive credentials in the Brazilian Independent music scene. Central to the resurgent Rio de Janeiro musical community, the quartet of Dora Morelenbaum, Julia Mestre, Lucas Nunes and Zé Ibarra thrive in a group dynamic. They formed Bala Desejo to play collaboratively for a festival date in 2021, but when that show became a victim of pandemic shutdowns the idea for an album project materialised.


1. Embala Pra Viagem
2. Baile de Máscaras (Recarnaval)
3. Lua Comanche
4. Clama Floresta
5. Dourado Dourado
6. Nesse Sofá
7. Nana Del Caballo Grande
8. Lambe Lambe
9. Passarinha
10. Sim Sim Sim
11. Muito SÓ
12. Cronografia (O Peixe)