Center Of Gravity


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Center of Gravity - Steppas Records is excited to present the new album from Korean-German producer JahYu. This heavyweight instrumental dub album breaks all convention taking the listener deeper into the world of mystical and etherial soundsystem music. Exploring and fusing the realms of Dub, World and Electronic Music. The enigmatic producer blends contemporary bass music with the sounds of his ancestral homeland, playing and recording traditional Korean instruments; Kayagum, Geomungo, Haegum, Daegum, Hun, Yanggum, and Janggu via his own hand. Center of Gravity is another truly eclectic, profound, and exciting album from Steppas Records not to be missed.

“A perfect fusion of meditative Eastern instrumentation with 21st century sound-system vibration.” Mixmag


1. Enter The Cosmos
2. The Rise
3. Meditashun
4. Heavy Sea
5. Watch Out
6. Kiss Of The Muse
7. Plants For The Future
8. Out In The Street
9. Fever
10. Synchronicity
11. No Future, No Past, Now