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Lucrecia Dalt’s Anticlines is a volume of poetic theory and sound contemplating the bodies of self above and beneath the earth’s surface. On Anticlines, Dalt conjures a sonic space of speculative synthesis and spoken word where South American rhythms rattle contemporary composition recalling Laurie Anderson, Robert Ashley, and Annea Lockwood. LP / CD version comes with lyric booklet documenting Dalt’s collaborative work with Regina de Miguel and Henry Andersen alongside a multi-format digital download code. 

A portion of the proceeds from your purchase will be charitably designated on behalf of Lucrecia Dalt to Tierra Digna, an organization dedicated to the defense of Colombian communities affected by economic policies that violate human rights and devastate the environment.


1. Edge 
2. Altra 
3. Tar 
4. Atmospheres Touch 
5. Errors of Skin 
6. Analogue Mountains 
7. Axis Excess 02:33
8. Indifferent Universe 01:42
9. Concentric Nothings 01:54
10. Helio Tanz 01:44
11. Glass Brain 03:09
12. Liminalidad 02:33
13. Eclipsed Subject 01:20
14. Antiform 02:11
15. Shergotite Rain (Bonus Track) 03:01

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