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Oshin' gave us our first taste of DIIV's sentimental and summery dream pop stylings. Zachary Cole Smith of Beach Fossils fronts the group, who take a huge amount of influence from 90s shoegazers, 80s post-punks and a whole host of jangle pop groups. Often the sound is dreamy and melodic, sometimes its driven and rocky. They wear their influences clearly on their sleeves, but that doesn't stop them from being one of the best groups of their ilk. 


  1. (Druun)
  2. Past Lives
  3. Human
  4. Air Conditioning
  5. How Long Have You Known?
  6. Wait
  7. Earthboy
  8. (Drunn Pt. II)
  9. Follow
  10. Sometime
  11. Oshin (Subsume)
  12. Doused
  13. Home

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