Part Time Love

Vinyl LP

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Remastered Fat Possum reissue. Peebles hardly seemed like a beginner on 'This Is Ann Peebles', but she's even more confident on Part Time Love's new material, with a tougher and more soulful edge announcing itself on 'I'll Get Along' and the title cut, and while the Hi Records house band are as tight as ever here, the newer songs have a funkier energy that suggests how much was changing in R&B as the 1960s gave way to the '70s.

Vinyl LP - With Download.


1 Part Time Love
2 I'll Get Along
3 I Still Love You
4 Make Me Yours
5 It's Your Thing
6 Generation Gap Between Us
7 Crazy About You Baby
8 Give Me Some Credit
9 Steal Away
10 Solid Foundation

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