Sugar The Bruise (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP

In August 2021, nearly 2 years before Sugar the Bruise’s creation, Meg Duffy taught a month-long songwriting class through School of Sound. They created a container for both new and experienced songwriters, designing prompts to help participants play with new approaches and forms. They re-discovered, with newfound clarity, the generative capacity of embracing the unknown, and how essential collaboration and improvisation are for accessing the indescribable.

The result of this collective experiment, born equally from play and intention, is a radical gift for listeners: proof that our most vital processes, creation and destruction, are exquisitely entangled. The unanswerable and untenable suffering of experience is the fact of perpetual loss. And, yet, there is precious, vivid magic created by this condition. In Sugar the Bruise, grief folds in on itself and becomes laughter; language fades away into sonic expanses of the inexpressible; melodies melt into cacophonies; love songs surrender to loss; historic violence is supplanted by the disks of sunlight.


  1. Something Wrong
  2. Gift of the Human Curse
  3. Andy in Stereo
  4. Private Life
  5. The Book on How to Change Part 3
  6. The Bust of Nefertiti